During this coronavirus pandemic, Kathy and I will be discussing:

  1. Which vitamins and supplements everyone should be taking
  2. What is the easiest and best defense in fighting this infection?
  3. Which immune-boosting benefit most people are missing out on?

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  1. Good quantity and quality sleep.
    1. Sleep Interrupted: A physician reveals the #1 reason why so many of us are sick and tired
    2. NKC lower 73% with sleep deprivation study
  2. Good nasal breathing
    1. Nitric Oxide from nose increased oxygen uptake in lungs by up to 18%
    2. Nitric oxide and antimicrobial properties
    3. Dr. Weil’s Relaxing Breath video
    4. Curb your sugar craving podcast
    5. Unstuff Your Stuffy Nose ebook
  3. Vitamin D
    1. Dr. John CannellVitamindsociety.org
    2. Vitamin D and disease reduction chart
    3. Vit D Dr. Gominak interviews
    4. School children taking Vit D – lower flu and asthma rates study
    5. Vitamin D and lower cancer risk study
    6. Vitamin D activates genes to activate natural killer cells
  4. Vitamin C
    1. Linus Pauling Institute
    2. Reduce rates of colds
    3. ICU sepsis death rates much lower with Vitamin C, hydrocortisone and thiamine
  5. Vitamin K
    1. In Foods – Dr. Axe
    2. Fermented foods – Dr. Axe
  6. B complex vitamins
    1. B6  foods – Dr. Axe
    2. Folate (B9) foods – Dr. Axe
    3. B12 foods – Dr. Axe
  7. Environmental toxins
    1. Toxin podcast
    2. Honest Review of Branch Basics Cleaner
  8. Probiotics
    1. Fermented foods – Dr. Axe
    2. Probiotics – Dr. Axe
  9. Thymic Protein A (TPA)
  10. Wash your hands with soap and water.
    1. Alcohol based 60 to 80% range – Dr. Mercola
    2. Don’t touch eyes, nose or mouth
    3. College student touching face study
  11. Heat – Dr. Mercola

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