Hello, I’m 17 years old and in Mid august of this year I had began to wake up gasping for air when sleeping on my back, I had at first just slept elevated/upright for the next week until I had fallen asleep on my Side and noticed that I didnt wake up in the middle of the Night gasping for Air so since then I’ve been sleeping on my Side every night and on the 7th of December I finally had my Sleeplab appointment and on the 15th a second one.

Today I got diagnosed with Sleep apnea (with about 30/h in light sleep phase and ~7/h in my deep sleep phase on my back and a low of 83% O2 saturation) which I had already speculated based on research I had done myself but still this is way too early to be diagnosed with this and I’m pretty happy to have found out on this Subreddit that the Cpap does help because in the sleeplab i had been given one on my second appointment and after the 10-15min of getting used to it, it did help but not that much to be excited about it because those 10-15min were hell i was so uncomfortable with all that pressure.

But mostly I’m happy to know there are Surgeries to get rid of this because I dont think I’m ready for a Lifetime of cpap from the age of 17 on. Would appreciate it if you guys could let me know if there is anything else besides that MMAW surgery and losing weight I could do.

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