apatite and energy (28m)Shortly after starting treatment my energy levels have been improved somewhat. The past few days though I have felt a drive to be more physically active (I went for a jog for fun for the first time in like 10 years). The past 3 or 4 days I have been feeling extremely hungry. Not like painful or feeling like I am starving, but feeling like I always want more food.

Growing up I was a slim guy (6ft and 185lb) and once I hit 21 my metabolism slowed waaay down (now 240lbs).

What do you think might be going on? I am hopeful that this is my metabolism picking back up and my brain/stomach panicking and telling me I need to eat more to keep up with the additional energy usage. (Either way I will not be increasing my food intake because heaven knows I have enough calories each day as it is lol.)

sexual function changes I have not had any issues with ED or low libido, but there still seems to be some improvement below the belt. It is difficult to put into words and more difficult to keep it sfw so suffice it to say that everything just seems to be “functioning more smoothly”.

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