I wanted to give my experience since similar posts are exactly what I looked for before I started using my CPAP.

My primary concern was very loud snoring developing during COVID. Loud enough that my wife would come in from a different room to wake me up and get me to roll over to stop snoring. Over the past month or two we’ve spent a lot of nights in different rooms just so we could both sleep.

My sleep study showed an AHI of 20 and I ended up with a Phillips Dreamstation CPAP. I went with a Reasmed Airfit f30i with a wide mask because I roll over quite a bit at night. I somehow got very lucky and got a really good fit the first time. It seems like that’s relatively uncommon. I pushed for the medium-wide size when I was nearly given a small because the medium-wide felt like a better fit. Great decision on my end.

Over the past two weeks I’ve adjusted the heat and humidity settings (Lower for both) to help with comfort and drooling. I think I hit my sweet spot 4-5 days ago and my AHI is sitting around 5 right now. Lowering the humidity helped with the drooling and a cooler mask was just more comfortable.

I have noticed less issues waking up during the night, waking up more rested and having more energy throughout the day. But it didn’t happen overnight. I’d say it took an adjustment period of 2-3 days of worse sleep followed by 2-3 days of average sleep before I started to notice benefits.

I now rarely snore, sleep through the night, and my wife and I both get full nights of sleep and wake up well rested. I am very happy I went and got a sleep study and got the ball rolling with the CPAP.

Hopefully my writeup helps someone else who’s on the fence about getting a study or has questions about other experiences.

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