Hey guys, I had been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea since last year. The sleep specialise/dentist I went to gave me a MADS device to wear however I’ve stopped wearing it. The MADS device constantly made me have a dry mouth in the morning and I think it made me nose breath even more. Another thing about my face, which is what people constantly say is how small my face is. I think I have a recessed maxilla and and a recessed mandible that don’t look as recessed since both are recessed. I also live in Australia, is there any specialist or places I can go to for an MSE or anything like that? To top all this off, i try to go bed before 11, and i wake up at 4. That’s only 5 hours of sleep. My explanation for this is, during REM where there is more rapid breathing and there can be a collapse of the airway, it starts to get difficult for me to breathe so i wake up. I honestly feel like there is no point to live and i feel like i am just withering away. My libido and everything is gone, i feel like absolute shit and i dont know what to do. I also have septum thats very deviated and obvious from the outside too, and i sort of have turbinates which are somewhat enlarged especially on the side which the deviation septum is facing away from, so i sort of have reduced air flow in both nostrils too. I have 2 problems, 1 my jaw slipping back and 2 my nose not being able to take enough air in. The only other problem I have is the wait for surgery for a good surgeon is ridiculously long. Like 7 or 8 months to get surgery for a deviated septum and turbinate reduction hopefully. Also another side effect of using the MADS device is the changes it has on your face, it had made my face slightly even more recessed especially my maxilla and it is not visually appealing. If anyone can add in further commenrs on what i should be doing that would be greatly appreciated.

Also another reason why i think its more of a problem got to do with my nose is, well recently ive been experimenting on myself. I used a mouth strip to see what the effects of that would be and good god, i sleep longer but i wake up with my heart fluttering and I know whats not a good sign.

I honestly wish this problem would just fuck off, its so hard doing a degree and trying to work at the same time but having this fucking problem.. But at the same time seeing everyone around you make great strides in there life whilst you wither away physically, mentally and sexually, I mean I have erectile dysfunction for sure now, like what good use am I, if I cant even be a human properly.

Another problem is my personality, I am someone who is highly motivated to do things but now I simply cannot do things because im always tired as shit..

I really hope that there is an end to all this bullshit.

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