Month: January 2020

Does anybody feel like their cpap makes things worse?

Before you say change your mask or you gotta get used to it, I don’t have any trouble falling asleep. Had the nose and mouth one, switched to the nasal pillow, and it’s been good since then. But it doesn’t just feel like it’s not working. It feels like I get less sleep.

I was sick and couldn’t breath through my nose for a week. I felt happier and more rested than I do today when I went back to the mask. Suckkkkks

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A month ago my dear wife of 25 years was diagnosed with severe obstructive sleep apnea, with over 100 events per hour and an average blood oxygen level of 88 and low of 60.

The fog she has been living in for these past few years has been terrible; and terrifying for me. There were times I was scared I would wake up alone.

Yesterday she received her Dreamstation. Last night I had the pleasure of watching her sleep soundly and with no apparent struggles to breathe. The steady rise and fall of her chest has never looked so lovely and comforting. I hope she wakes feeling rested and as hopeful for recovery as I feel.

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Every night?

Do people with sleep apnia gasp and wake up every single night? I’m permanently exhausted at the moment but only remember waking up a handful of times. I’ve never woke up with a sore throat but I’ve had headaches….

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Constant post-nasal drip

Working with an oral device, sleeping a bit better but having trouble with constant mucous in my throat. This makes me panicked about swallowing thru the night. Trying Neti pot, Flonase, saline spray, allergy pills, nothing seems to help. Anyone else with this issue??

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Best California Health Exchange Insurance options for CPAP/Apnea?

Hi, I have used a CPAP in past, and know I need to go in for an evaluation sleep test and re-attempt CPAP once signing up w/2020 health insurance. Looking at CA Covered health plans, trying to figure out what best plan to sign up for. No other known health issues, but figured this is potentially an expensive one. My income could vary a lot, but I’m going to make a guess at 30k/year (so looking at Silver 73 plans vs Gold/Plat, and deductibles vs. visit costs etc.). Any suggestions for Insurance providers and plans (in Los Angeles)? Thanks

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