Month: April 2020

Treating sleep apnea with pills instead of machines – Knowable Magazine

8 days with cpap, so exhausted

I was hoping I would be one of those people who slept the first night with cpap and felt great. That has not been the case.

I am so damn tired. Way worse than before CPAP. I last about 6ish hours with it on each night. Being this sleep deprived is unsustainable for me.

Anyone else have this experience? I can’t function the day after using it.

I’ve been giving myself a night off here or there so I don’t go completely insane with sleep deprivation. After the 3rd night in a row with it I am a complete zombie.

The mask seems to fit fine, but I guess I’m waking up multiple times a night simply because it is on me. The air pressure doesn’t bother me. I don’t know why I’m waking up. I was a really light sleeper before.

I need some stories of hope or some support saying quitting makes sense.

I’m really struggling with this. I understand the 50% compliance statistic now. I hate that I’ve probably wasted so much $ on this.

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Buying a machine without prescription/doctor

I am at wits end. I know I could benefit from a machine. I recorded myself gasping for air night after night. Friends have told me the same. I see secondhand machines new and in the box available for sale

I don’t have insurance. The first sleep study I ever did I found it impossible to sleep in the lab so it was just inconclusive

I know the majority of people are going to insist that I see a doctor because that’s just how things are done. But is there anyone online that can share advice around just buying a machine. Is it impossible to do so? Are they just too hard to program?

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