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What if it’s NOT Sleep Apnea causing my problems?!

For a really long time I’ve had issues with fatigue and always being tired. In the past year and a half I noticed that I wake up a lot during the night ~5 times. I don’t have any problems falling asleep, it’s more so just the waking up a lot.

I generally have ~9 hours of lights out, but I think due to poor quality I’m always tired.

I got a sleep study done last year and got diagnosed with mild sleep apnea ~12 AHI. Just got around to getting a CPAP and been using it about a week. Struggled with it at first, but starting to get more comfortable wearing it.

Last night I took a sleeping tablet (Trazadone) and I think I slept through the night without waking (at least from what I can tell) and wore the mask all night.

However I still feel WRECKED. I’m really scared that maybe it’s not sleep apnea causing the issues. What if it’s something else? I’m going to try not taking the Trazadone anymore in case its contributing to fatigue but I just cannot believe how tired I am today even though I think I got a solid 8 hours.

I really can’t continue like this. It’s hugely impacting my life šŸ™

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Buying my first Bipap

Hey guys, so I got diagnosed with UARS. General consensus seems to be Bipaps are superior. My insurance wants me to do a CPAP, fail it, take another PSG to prove it and then get a Bipap. So f that. I found an aircurve 10 for 300 bucks with 1500 hours recently serviced.

I’ve never owned any pap machine and was curious what all would I need to buy? Is the tubing for this machine standard? Etc…

Thanks ahead!

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Second night reassurance for an anxious person, first night didn’t go as planned

I tried my APAP for the first time last night, didn’t go well. This is a little long I’m sorry, but I could use some reassurance and education. (Main language is french and there are a couple of terms I’m not familiar with yet, please excuse some repetitions in my choice of words)

I have GAD (Anxiety), I know it’s normal that some people feel stressed using an APAP/Auto CPAP for the first time though. You can laugh, I do laugh at most of the things I’m scared of, I also know a lot of people uses those machines therefore they must be (almost) safe… hey, nothing is perfect.

The day before using it I did watch some videos and read some tips. I also installed the APAP that day, just so I can get used to it and browsed the setting menu. I’m like a cat, changes makes me anxious.

Equipment: I have the Enos 2 nasal mask and the ResMed Airsense 10 Auto. Ramp on at 5.0 and EPR set to Auto I think. Temp at 23, humidity at 3. (I wrote that below, but now it’s all in one place)

Results from the night at the hospital:
AHI was 24 per hour. (Translated from frenchšŸ™‚ The index of high resistance episodes of the upper airway is 15 per hour. When sleeping on the back, the number of episodes is 63 per hour, in other positions the number of episodes is 9 per hour. O2 average 95%, lowest 90%. Result: Moderated Hypopnea and Apnea, slight O2 desaturation, predominantly supine.

My doctor wants me to use a CPAP to try and diagnose Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS).

The first night (Sunday):

Yesterday I used the machine for 20 minutes, I was sweaty and had a dry mouth, so I turned it off and took a 10 minute breaks. The air was too hot, I like to feel some cold air as I have night sweat (I also have day sweat? XD). I also didn’t feel the “free” air, you know? I believe this is normal as I’m not breathing the air in the room but I felt like I was trapped.

So I turned the temperature to 23 (auto is 27 according to the manual) and turned the humidity to 3 (was set to 4). I put it back on after those changes. (Side note, I will continue to use it, I know it’s an habit and I do believe I’ll eventually get used to it, I just want to minimize the anxiety I have toward using this)

I lasted 2 hours on that second attempt, then decided to take the rest of the night off (if I can say that) to start again tonight as I know I need it. Eventually I felt like I was going to fall asleep but I couldn’t, I was always between the two worlds. After an hour or so, I felt like someone was deflating a balloon inside my nostril, which I presume was because I wasn’t breathing as I was suppose to and the CPAP filled my lungs, it woke me up šŸ˜›

My cat was playing and jumping around, normally I do some *psht psht* sound and he stops and come sleep with me, but when I did that, air came out of my mouth, it was funny (he also looked at me with a scared face hahaha), but I got stressed every time I swallowed or wanted to “talk”. Because of my anxiety, I do drink during the night, I swallow a lot and go pee between 1 and 2 times per night. (Usually just one though) I didn’t want the APAP to think I wasn’t breathing just because I was swallowing my saliva. I also wanted to stop the machine at one point just to get a sip of water, as I usually do during the night.


My main concern is waking up during the night, while the air pressure is set to 10 for example, and being unable to exhale or something and feeling like I’m suffocating. I do use the ramp feature, and the max I got from yesterday session was 6.7 with an AHI of 0.9 (which is probably the balloon feeling I was talking about).

Some other points – yea, I know, sorry:

  • My Rx says Auto 5-15 (+- 2), does that mean it will adjust automatically and the limit is 15? Or does it goes to a specific level during the night (for example 12)? The Ramp time is set to auto. I’m afraid I won’t be asleep when the ramp time have expired and start pushing 15 right away, I don’t want my lungs to explode (I know it won’t happen, but I still have that stupid fear that I wont be able to exhale for some reason)
  • I also read that using EPR can cause Central Apnea or something, should I be worried about that?
  • At 5, when the night started, I felt like I wasn’t getting enough air and felt claustrophobic, but I had some issues exhaling. In the second session of 2 hours though, when I was calmer, at first it felt the same (not enough air) but then it felt ok and didn’t notice the air force at all.
  • I read someone suggested to use the machine while watching TV to get used to it and the mask, since I’m awake, I would be less afraid as I’m conscious. I like watching TV in bed to relaxe. Is there any downside or cons of doing this?

I will continue to read blog, reddit and forum posts and watch videos about this, but I would appreciate if you could drop in šŸ™‚

Stay safe xx

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Can you Tell me if I got sleep apnea. Very new to this and Iā€™m scared

Im a 21 Year old Male

I never really had problems falling asleep until 2 years ago where I started to put pressure on myself, if I don’t sleep I will not be able to do this and that. I first thought I had insomnia but now that I saw the Syndroms for sleepApnea I think I got it.

Im skinny and I don’t snore I got a nasal septum curvature. My dad has is too and he don’t got sleep problems.

I need to piss sooo many times in the night

I feel dizzy during the day and at work i make these small mistakes sometimes.

I got headaches since 3 weeks every day.

And I can’t fully sleep the whole night without waking up and taking a piss or using nasal spray. Do I got sleep apnea or is my nose badly fucked. Cause the doctor said my nose had no space cause it’s so tight in there. THANKS FOR READING ! Any comments are well appreciated!

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CPAP Trouble

Hi y’all. I am a 21y/o female who has mild-moderate sleep apnea, which I believe is actually UARS. I have been trying to get adjusted to my CPAP for three weeks now. AHIs are usually around 8-12, which I know is low but I am so exhausted all the time. I cannot keep it on for more than an hour and a half at night, because the air is so harsh/drying and the mask is relatively uncomfortable. I’ve noticed that when I wake up, after about 90 min w the CPAP on, my nasal passages are completely blocked and I feel completely exhausted. It seems like the CPAP is causing nasal irritation that leaves me worse off than not using it at all. Does anybody else have experience/advice? How do I know if this is working for me?

It is a Phillips DreamStation, with a nasal pillow mask. Let me know if you have any tips on getting adjusted šŸ™‚

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What should i look for in my Oscar data in terms of what i should do to improve how i actually feel when i wake up? Even tho i finally managed to get my AHi down as low as 0.8 as of lately and thats only when i sleep on my side.

A majority of my sleep apnea events are “clear airway apneas”. For example i would get 10 Clear airway apneas, 2 Obstructive apneas, and 1 Hypopnea. Is that normal?

Should i try a Resmed Aircurve machine? Im currently using dreamstation auto. I heard they are very different in how they work and people can respond better to one machine

To post my oscar data, what should i take a screenshot of? The graphs only show 1 day at a time…

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