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CPAP Masks Market- increasing demand with Industry Professionals: ResMed, Philips, Fisher & Paykel, BD, Invacare, DeVilbiss Healthcare, Hans Rudolph, Inc., Circadiance, Sleepnet, Innomed, Armstrong Medical, Apex Medical, BMC Medical, 3B Medical – PRnews Leader

CPAP Masks Market- increasing demand with Industry Professionals: ResMed, Philips, Fisher & Paykel, BD, Invacare, DeVilbiss Healthcare, Hans Rudolph, Inc., Circadiance, Sleepnet, Innomed, Armstrong Medical, Apex Medical, BMC Medical, 3B Medical  PRnews Leader

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Just diagnosed didn’t think I had Sleep Apnea

Hi Everyone!

I’ve just been diagnosed with moderate sleep apnea with an AHI of 26. I’m honestly suprised.

I am with Kaiser in Georgia and saw my PCP via video for an unrelated condition and just randomly he happened to ask if I snored. I told him my husband occasionally complained but it only seemed bad when I was suffering with allergies or a sinus infection. As a precaution he ordered a sleep study. I thought it was overkill. I was actually annoyed at having to pay the $45 copy for the study.

Because of Covid Kaiser here in Georgia is only doing home studies at the moment. Mine was the Nox T3 which consisted of 2 belts, a nasal cánula, and a Bluetooth wrist mount pulse oximeter. I felt like I didn’t sleep well with all the gear connected to me and half expected them to say I didn’t get a result at all. Instead they said I have moderate sleep apnea and my O2 drops to 80%. I was suprised.

They set me up with Apria Health for a Resmed 10. There’s no in person pickup because of COVID so Apria will FedEx it to me. It’s supposed to be auto titrating from 4-20.

I didn’t know much about masks but when I spoke to the RRT at Kaiser I explained I have constant nasal congestion so she ordered a dreamware full face. I’m told I can change it in the first month if I don’t like it. Other than the copay for the sleep study I have zero out of pocket cost for the machine or supplies.

Some of you have terrible stories about Apria so I’m hoping everything arrives as ordered.

In the meantime I’ve been trying to do a lot of research to convince myself to use it. I wake up every morning in what I’ve always thought was an allergy fog. I’m wondering now if it’s not an apnea fog instead. If the CPAP can fix that it’ll be with it even if I do think it’s totally unsexy haha.

Thanks for all of your posts I’m learning a lot.

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How bad is it to let it go

So I’m pretty sure I have sleep apnea but I can’t afford to have a sleep study. My wife says that I wake up after not breathing for a few seconds. I don’t remember waking up but I’m usually still tired when I wake up in the morning. Just wondering how bad is it to just not do anything about it.

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I have crappy insurance and my dental appliance is…. $$$

$4k including tissue reduction laser for soft palate and a few other perks 😳😳 I feel like I got roped into something and am regretting it. The mouth piece should be ready in the next month and I’m praying it works. My brother had poor results and compliance with CPAP so with my mild apnea that’s why I’m going the oral route. I also want to be able to easily travel, etc. Can anyone else relate? I’ve read plenty of positive outcomes on this sub for dental appliances but I just feel like I’m paying too much. Can’t do anything about the insurance, short of calling them and begging. At the same time, I know I need to address and treat the apnea for (hopefully) better health and quality of life 😩

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Going for sleep study

I’m 31 f,35 lbs overweight. Have been battling tons of symptoms over the last 7 months; swollen tonsils, chest pains, heart palpitations, headaches in the morning, tired, 4-5 pees a night, constant burping and trouble losing weight. Got a cardiac stress test, 24 hour Holter and ct scan and they said I was fine. Been to multiple drs and no answer … newest theory is sleep apnea; I made the rookie mistake of googling it and it seem very deadly.

Should I be worried? I’m having a sleep study but it’s far out, should I be scared of cardiac arrest? Or stroke?

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I finally have my answer

I have felt like there is something wrong with me for years. I’m always more tired than others, I’ve never been able to lose weight, it seems like I feel ill at least once a week. I’ve had people say I’m being a baby, nobody can feel that bad all the time. I’ve tried numerous anti depressants to try to improve my mood and motivation but nothing ever worked for me. Well last week I did a sleep study and found out I have severe apnea. My AHI was 74 and my average oxygen sat was 89 and my minimum was 51! My doctor says it’s no wonder I feel terrible all the time. I have a bipap arriving in 2 days and I’m so hopeful that this will help! Has anyone else had similar experiences where people don’t believe how you’re feeling because of apnea? I feel like it must be pretty common because it seems that doctors rarely order sleep studies. I wish it was looked at more.

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Ode to my CPAP

You make me feel amazing You make me feel alive I love how you sleep with me And help me to survive.

You embrace me and console me And whisper sweet nothings in my ear Sometimes you even sing to me So I can sleep without fear.

I hope you never leave me I really couldn’t stand it Whenever we’re apart My sleep just turns to shit.

One day I’m gonna give you up I don’t know when or how But till then I need you near me Please hug my face RIGHT NOW!

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Oversleeping after starting CPAP

Last week I started CPAP therapy. Overall it has been a massive improvement in quality of sleep.

I am sleeping through the whole night, except maybe 1 or 2 times awakening (down from 3-5 average). Ahi down to 4 from 27, and less headaches and sore throats. Surprisingly, I’ve been falling asleep in about 20 minutes when before it usually took and hour or two.

Before cpap I probably slept 10 hours a day but it was so fragmented that I assumed it was much less. Since starting CPAP, I have been sleep 10-11 hours a day non-fragmented. Is this normal when starting cpap? Does it take a while before normal amount of sleep is refreshing?

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Waking up tired, feeling groggy every day for the last few months, its driving me nuts

My work is really stressful but fun and requires a lot of attention.

Last few months I’ve been feeling tired all the time, with major grogginess. I’m 32, 5’8, and about 160lbs. I started snoring a few years ago as I started gaining weight. I don’t wake up gasping for air. I’ve done some studies on the app and it showed I barely slept well. I snore a lot now and move around as well. I finally got approved for a full sleep test however I think it was botched. The day before the test I suffered a high ankle injury and was in major pain, when it came time to sleep the night before the test I passed out strong. I still did the test the next day. After i got my results 2 weeks later the doctor said I have mild sleep apnea but nothing major, he also said I barely snored and had good sleep. I feel like the injury had me exhausted and knocked me out so somehow it wasn’t the same. For about 1 week after the injury, my wife said I’m starting to snore again really bad so it tells me i should have waited to take that test after I felt better. Anyway…it’s been 1 month now and it’s getting worse. I keep trying to take naps but my energy levels are down the drain, my brain is struggling to focus.

I thought about just ordering a machine on repap and trying it out to see if it would help or do a whole new test from lofta however I feel like their test won’t be as good as the one i took but part of me doesn’t care and want’s to just try the cpap and see if it’ll help this grogginess feeling to go away.

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