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Global Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Devices Market 2021 to 2026 Analysis by Top Key players like ResMed, Philips Respironics, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, DeVilbiss Healthcare, Apex, etc – KSU | The Sentinel Newspaper

Global Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Devices Market 2021 to 2026 Analysis by Top Key players like ResMed, Philips Respironics, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, DeVilbiss Healthcare, Apex, etc  KSU | The Sentinel Newspaper

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Got the Philips NightBalance device and so far it seems to be working

On a recent re-test of my sleep apnea (in the same lab that did my first test) my diagnosis was changed to “Mild, positional” obstructive sleep apnea. Basically, on my back I’m moderate (AHI 18), and in any other position I have no sleep apnea at all (AHI 1).

I know about all the jaws, airway, MSE, Vivos, ALF, etc. stuff on that – so no need to give me a suggestion there. I am pursuing some options. But in the meantime, as a result of the new diagnosis my sleep doc said I could try out the Philips NightBalance device and see if it worked out for me.

Basically, it’s a positional sensor with a vibrating element inside of it. You wear a comfortable strap around your chest, and drop this little sensor into a zipper pocket and position that right over the center of your chest, at the base of your sternum. If you roll on your back, it buzzes you with varying patterns and intensities (so you don’t get accustomed to the feeling) to prompt you to get off your back and into some other position.

I have a logging pulse oximieter, and over the past year I’ve collected tons of data of what my sleep is like while on CPAP and while off CPAP. So far, for me … this device seems to be doing a very good job, good enough where my pulse oxygen is close enough to CPAP use … that I don’t use CPAP any more.

I suspect many people with positional sleep apnea, may have been improperly diagnosed – as I was. This may be worth pursuing with your sleep doctors if this is the case for you. It’s an expensive gadget for what it does (retails for about $700) and it requires a prescription (which makes no sense to me) but it’s totally worth it to not need to use CPAP anymore.

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3 years in and feeling hopeless

I’ve been on my CPAP for about 3 years now. It took a while to kick in but it honestly probably saved my life. I was falling asleep at work and while driving and finally I was able to get through the day just tired not absolutely exhausted. Now that it’s been a while since those horrible days, I’m starting to feel down again. I’m still pretty tired every day, I never feel refreshed, have trouble waking up, and quite recently I’ve been fighting to stay awake with longer drives (which I have to do 2 times a week). I desperately want my energy back because it’s holding me back. I want to take on more challenges at work, exercise more, just have energy for myself and my husband but it’s just not there. I have random days where I can do a lot but it’s not nearly as much as where I want it to be. I miss my energy from 5 years ago where I was so motivated and able to do so much. I know age is a factor but I’m still in my twenties.

I’ve had blood work done every year because of thyroid issues in my family and it comes back normal. I also stopped going to my old sleep doctor a while ago because they said my numbers looked good and they didn’t really help. I went to an ENT to see if it was structural and she said I was fine. I have a new sleep doctor appointment next week but honestly I have no hope they will be able to help me.

I feel like stimulants are my only options at this point but I really don’t want to rely on those.

It’s really taking a toll on my mental health and I’m worried this is just my life now. I’m worried about the future when I have kids.

Has anyone else gone through this? I feel like most people get diagnosed and start CPAP and get better but that’s not my case.

Thanks in advance!

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Using CPAP only part of the night?

I was diagnosed and given a CPAP machine and I’ve been wearing it for more than half a year now. I’ve seen a definite increase in my daytime energy up until a few weeks ago. What tends to happen is that I sleep 5-8 hours, wake up feeling slightly rested, then go back to sleep without using the CPAP, and wake up a few hours later feeling extremely tired. I’m tired all day and when not working take frequent 3-4 hour long naps. I’m being treated for a disorder that has depression as well as using the CPAP for sleep apnea.

I’m wondering if I shouldn’t be going back to sleep without the CPAP? I didn’t think it would make much of a difference because I often sleep up to 8 hours anyway. But when I wake up again I’m even more tired than the first time I woke up.

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Child CSA and Flonase

Hi, I’m new here. My 11 year old son was diagnosed with mild OSA and moderate CSA a few days ago. Doctor prescribed Flonase while we look into what may be causing the CSA. He also has Benign Rolandic Epilepsy which causes him to have seizures while drifting to sleep. Doctor noted that he is an extremely restless sleeper, constantly tossing and turning and kicking his legs. We’re going to get iron and vitamin D checked soon.

Anyways, I was just hoping to hear experiences with Flonase and CSA. A recent MRI for epilepsy was clear but I’m worried they could have missed something. My mom (who clearly has undiagnosed sleep apnea) mentioned that her recent MRI showed an abnormally long brain stem. Anyone ever heard of that in reference to sleep apnea? Sorry I’m all over the place. We follow up with his neuro next week, just trying to gather as much information as possible in the meantime to hopefully improve my son’s quality of life.

Oh! Also to any parents out there who have a child with sleep apnea, do you recommend any nighttime monitors? My son was already at risk of SUDEP and this diagnosis only increases that risk.

Thanks for reading!

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Issue with CPAP

Recently diagnosed with moderate OSA and I finally got my CPAP (dream station 2) and I have the felted full face mask. It’s not very cumbersome and it’s relatively comfortable on my face despite it being a full face mask and I’m finding that I’m having issues keeping it on when I sleep, I’ve only had it a few days but I wake up to the mask being on the floor or set on the table. I’m taking it off in my sleep and I don’t know why or how to prevent it. During my sleep study they originally had me on the nasal pillow (I think is what it was called). It resembled a huge nasal cannula and I took that off 5 times during my sleep study and they made me wear a full face mask and I guess I did better with that (according to them) so that’s what they gave me at the DME store. I just want to be able to get the full benefit from my CPAP so any suggestions? Or has anyone else had this issue? Is this something normal that happens that disappears over time as I get used to it? Thank you in advance.

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Successful Surgeries!

I (25F) had a tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy and turbinoplasty on April 5 for my OSA & finally feel pretty good, no sore throat, etc. and I’m starting to sleep great. Last night I slept 6 hours and woke up naturally at 5:30 a.m. feeling more refreshed than I have in years. I use the Snore Lab app to listen to my sleep and the differences between a few months ago and now is wild. My snore score on the app has been 2-5 the last week, whereas in March I was averaging between 20-30. AMA about my surgery experience!

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