Month: May 2021

Why am I still exhausted?

I’ve been using a Resmed Airsense 10 with nasal pillows for 2 weeks. My AHI score is typically under 2, and I’ve been sleeping anywhere from 8 to 12 hours per night with few interruptions. My girlfriend says I’m not snoring anymore.

And yet I’m still absolutely exhausted. I still can’t concentrate at work, I still hate getting out of bed, and most distressingly, I’m still nodding off on both my morning and evening commutes. What gives? I don’t want to die in a fiery car crash.

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Another question for my Sleep Apnea sufferers pls!

Before you were diagnosed or had any treatment whether CPAP or anything else. How often would you wake up through out the night regardless of a choking episode or if you would just wake up cuz of apnea? I noticed since I’m waiting for my machine I now wake up almost every hour of the night and honestly can’t tell if it’s sleep apnea or just bad sleep hygiene. I know I’ve been dealing with some insomnia even to the point I can’t sleep at all some nights. Just curious anyone else relate to what I’m going through and if you also have had nights before you got treatment where you got no sleep at all and were sleep deprived because of it. Looking forward to your responses thank you.

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At home study says that I have no signs of sleep apnea, but SO says that I do.

Hey everyone, around two years ago, I started having some bad symptoms out of no where. Extremely tired, low libido, irritable, brain fog, etc. Took a while going to different doctors, trying to get different tests done (doctors in my area aren’t the best and usually just wanted to throw me on an antidepressant and call it a day). Long story short, found I had hypothyroidism, which my dad had, went on Levo, and got my levels within range.

Problem is, my symptoms are still there. Tried different endocrinologists, changed levels, had different bloodwork done for all kinds of stuff, full hormone panel, vitamins, etc. All came back normal. My dad also had sleep apnea, so I ask for a sleep study last year. They send me an at home one, which is all they could do as that was during the worst part of the pandemic. I felt nervous during it and got shit sleep, not it sure if that matters, and when I got the results, they said I had no signs of sleep apnea. I’m at work now, but when I get home I can post the results. However, in that time, I got in a new relationship, and my SO has told me I sound like I have trouble breathing, or stop breathing for a bit.

I scheduled an appointment after hearing that with a new doctor, but I’m wondering if anyone has had that happen before where the at home study is off. I will say, not sure if this matters, that around the time I had these symptoms, I had come to the end of my invisilign, where I had rubber bands to help correct an underbite. I talked to my orthodontist about if it could be causing my problems, and he shrugged it off.

Looking for any help, as this has been absolutely miserable these past couple of years living this way. Feel like I haven’t been myself for a while, and I’m just not happy with it. Thanks everyone!

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My fellow Sleep Apnea sufferers how intense was your daytime excessive sleepiness before diagnosed and on CPAP?

I’m currently waiting for my CPAP machine so I’m still not treated but the process has been a nightmare. It doesn’t matter how much sleep I get at night I’m falling asleep constantly through out the day almost so strong that I cant control it. Coffee, cold showers, you name It I tried and still can barely stay up through out the day. Im just Curious if it was just as bad with anyone else or worse. Looking forward to your responses. Also when I do get some I don’t sleep more than 1-2 hours and then just randomly wake up. Idk if that’s the sleep apnea or something else but even through out the night I wake up almost every hour of the night and it won’t be an episode of apnea at least that I’m aware of it’s just me randomly waking up not me waking up choking or gasping for air. Anyways sorry for long text team! Hopefully look forward to some responses.

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How many people here struggled to sleep with CPAP when they first started??

I struggle to even get to sleep at all with it. I go to bed like 10pm but I’ll be awake at 2am still with it. Eventually I’ll just take it off and fall asleep without it.

My HUGE main issues are:

  • Machine making alot of noise (I usually sleep in total quietness, and I don’t ever wear earplugs, but Philips Dreamstation APAP seems to make way too much noise lol).

-Having to play music on my phone which I place near my head to cancel out the sounds coming from the mask, even when my earplugs are in, and I don’t usually sleep with music so it’s kinda hard too

Anyone got tips??

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Bongo RX EPAP device

Has anyone used this device before? I’m interested to hear if anyone has had any success. I have mild/moderate hypopnea so I’m looking at trialling something like this. There seems to be studies behind it but I can’t find any reviews online.

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