Last week I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. Today I noticed as I fall asleep I hold my breath when I’m not physically aware and I’m relaxed. I have enlarged tonsils, but even that, if I get surgery, it won’t really help my chances in reducing my sleep apnea, according to my doctor.

I’m a healthy male, not overweight and 22 years old. I have taken many antipsychotic and sleeping pills for my anxiety and insomnia for years. On top of that, I worked with bondo for almost 2 years which resulted in ending up on a surgery room to remove a very large polyp blocking both airways on my nose. I can breath perfectly fine now.

I’m not surprised I have sleep apnea tbh. I’m just angry cause it is something I wasn’t planning on my life. Which it’s making me depressed. I want to know from someone who has it, what are your thoughts, is it something easy to live with for the rest of your life? Will it go away? Does it get worse? Is it dangerous? I’m planning to get the CPAP eventually. And if I have to use it all my life, then so be it.

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