I served in the armed forces as infantry and have had a pretty difficult upbringing. I’ve had some mental health problems prior to serving. I’ve been out now for 2 years and am seriously into bodybuilding. I weigh 230 at 6”1 and sit pretty lean (maybe 12% I have a six pack). I’m by no means obese, but I have a large neck. When I was in the army I used to be extremely into cardio running 30 miles a week on average. I’ve gained about 20lbs since I got out of the armed services 2 years ago and am curious if that is contributing to it.

My girlfriend explained my symptoms as this: my entire arm shaking. I don’t usually snore, but sometimes I do and it’s not very loud. Sometimes I’ll gasp for air, but I don’t completely stop breathing (she checks) I don’t have ptsd from my knowledge, but I definitely have some underlying mental health issues (tmi)I have a stressful life where I work full time and go to school full time. Just curious on anyone’s take is on this.

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