Hi all,

I went to an ENT to look at getting my tonsils out, as they’ve long been a source of infections & pain. After a look ENT recommended fixing a septum deviation he found as well, and getting a sleep study

Got a sleep study done:

Thing: Occurance of thing per hour:
AHI 36.4
Hypopnoeas 14.9
Obstructive Apneas 6.2
Central Apneas 13.6
Mixed Apneas 1.8
Reras 0.2

Looking at the graphs, it looks like the Centrals are being caused by some sort of Obstructive (they only occur after some sort of obstructive event)

ENT and I both gawked at the sleep study report – He upgraded his recommendation to:

  • Tonsillectomy
  • Septum Deviation fix
  • Adenoidectomy
  • Uvulopalatopharyangoplasty (UPPP)
  • Radiofrequency to tongue (to shrink)

Initially I wanted to just follow their recommendation (they are the doctor after all) but after doing some research I got scared of the UPPP & Radiofrequency

The recommendation comes with a “you’re only 24, you don’t want to be on CPAP for the rest of your life”, which I certainly agree with – Talking with a sleep tech, the advice I was getting from him is CPAP will solve the obstructives, not the centrals, for that you have to jump to BiPap which apparently new research shows can also cause long term health problems

I’m posting looking to get peoples thoughts, feelings and recommendations. At this point I still want to get my Tonsils out (as they’re problematic outside of the Sleep Apnea anyways) – While we’re at it getting the Septum Deviation fixed and the Adenoids out also just seems to make sense. The question is do I also get the UPPP and Radiofrequencey that my doctor recommended done… He indicated that if the UPPP doesn’t solve everything, then some sort of jaw advancement (I assume MMA) could be done but that also sounds very extreme. But reading posts on here and around CPAP fourms the view of UPPP hasn’t been great… Haven’t seem much about Tongue Radiofrequency

I’m… Scared – Of both the potential complications/side effects of UPPP/Radio frequency, and of having to make this sort of decision when I feel like what my doctor say and what research says are two different things >.< I don’t want to go back to them saying “But I read on the internet” but at the same time I can’t ignore it and yikes

Any recommendations or advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you

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