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25 years old, about to go have a sleep study. – iDunmed

Both my parents are on CPAP. I became morbidly obese due to psych meds, and I already have severe laryngopharyngeal reflux and chronic ear/throat infections due to that so I am 100% unsurprised that my boyfriend noticed me having episodes recently. He’s an RN and he thought something might be going on, but didn’t catch me not breathing until a couple days ago thanks to the time change messing with his sleep schedule.

According to him I stopped breathing for 10-15 seconds and then gasped for air…three times in 10 minutes. No fucking wonder I’m always exhausted and have zero executive function (although thats also ADHD at work there).

I’m really hoping the study shows I’m a candidate for CPAP. I know I need to lose weight but it’s extremely difficult with the meds, and my current insurance doesn’t cover bariatric surgery (which would fix the reflux too, so that sucks).

If anyone has any advice for CPAP when you’re a stomach sleeper I’m all ears tbh.

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