Let me start this off saying that I am 29, and obese. If you dont want to read my story, just read the last part.

So it all started about 3-4 months ago. I had this “skipped heartbeat feeling like 2-3 times in a row and almost passed out. I have anxiety so i thought it was a heart attack or something. I got shivers for like 15 minutes but ultimately decided not to go to the er and just calmed down. 2 Days later, I felt a VERY sharp chest pain in the middle of my chest that literally made me jump a little. I got scared and thought it was heart related so I went to the er. Everything came back fine, just high sugar/ somewhat high blood pressure(146/60). Ended up having more chest pains/ things I thought were heart related issues and went to the ER 2 more times within the next ~2 weeks. However after the first ER visit, I bought 2 different pulse oximeters for testing, Because I had somewhat remembered having trouble going to sleep a while ago… feeling like I cant breathe, or as soon as Im about to fall asleep, Id feel like I need air. It turns out my oxygen apparently drops to as low as 64%. (I returned one oximeter after they both gave me similar results for testing).

I dont know If its a coincidence that I started having a ton of different symptoms after the ER visits, or if it was my severe anxiety, or if the sleep apnea was just now actually causing problems in my body even tho I probably had sleep apnea for a few months before going to the ER. In the span of my first ER visit and last one (which was like 2-3 weeks), My blood pressure increased dramatically from about 146/60 to 170/100. I was prescribed blood pressure medication, and after the first month of using it, it actually seemed to help. I would record my BP using a wrist BP monitor 3 times a day and keep track of it, over that month it went from like 155/99 to around 120-130/80-90 sometimes it was even lower than 120 or / 80 (but im not sure of the accuracy of wrist montiors)

However I am also unemployed, and I have never had a “primary care doctor”, ive only ever been to the doctor for injurys. So I had to apply for free insurance. It tooks about 2 months because of my case working going on vacation or something and noone else being able to help me. I finally got insurance on the 16th of this month. I had an appointment on the 14th, but due to my insurance not yet being active, she was unable to refer me to a cardiologist and sleep specialist. I called on the 16th and they left her a note so she could refer me, but the clinic has not even looked at the message in 2 weeks… so I have another appointment on the 2nd of feb now.

Finally, my question and the reason for this thread:

If anyone has any similar symptoms/pain because of sleep apnea, or is there something else wrong with me that could have been caused by the sleep apnea? I’ll be quite blunt… because of all the things I’m experiencing, with my anxiety, I honestly wonder when I go to bed If I’m just gonna end up dying in my sleep.

I have so many different things happening to me.

  1. Very sharp random chest pain (once only) in the middle or left side of chest. No other symptoms when it occurs besides maybe an increase of Heart rate due to my anxiety? I’ve even had a pulse oximeter on while it happened, looks fine besides increase of heart rate sometimes. Just feels like im being stabbed once and its over. And It doesnt seem to be caused by anything, Im not doing anything particularly different when it happens.

  2. Skipped / Delayed heart beat feeling. This is something I had in the beginning a lot usually when I’d go lay down. Id feel my heart “skip” a beat or something. even on the pulse oximeter it shows a delay in my heart beat (but ive been told it could be a 2 fast heartbeats an oximeter cant catch it). I also had this for a full 1-2 days like every 5-20 minutes I would feel a skipped beat once or twice. I went to an urgent care but it stopped before getting an EKG

  3. Persistent cough. I believe this cough has something to do with my “skipped/delayed beat” feeling. I just had this persistent cough every once in a while where I felt something tickling the very bottom of my throat. This cough felt like a predictor or like it was assisting to get rid of the heartbeat feeling. The cough is only persisting when I feel like my heart might have this “skipped” beat feeling

  4. Left side chest pressure. This also happened early on, and very recently. sometimes it feels like someones hand is just gently pushing up against my left breast, sometimes I wonder if its just my tshirt im feeling. the pressure is never hard, its always just feels like something is slightly pressing against me.

  5. Throbbing/dull ache Inside/behind breast sorta by arpmit. I’ve also had this randomly in the beginning and again recently. It just feels like something is being squeezed slightly deep behind my breast.

  6. Pinching feeling in the middle of the chest, slightly to the left. This just kinda feels like someone is poking/pinching a very specific spot inside my chest. Its not really “pain” but its kinda dull and scares me because of my anxiety.

  7. The need to Pee more often? I noticed in the beginning it seemed like I’d pee a lot more, so much that sometimes it was like water was going right through me, and coming out clearish. The one main thing I notice tho is that when I wake up first thing in the morning, I HAVE TO PEE! Like I cannot enjoy being in bed, I immediately have to get up and use the restroom. So I guess what Im saying is that my bladder is always full when i wake up.

  8. Weight gain. This might not even be related to sleep apnea, and could just be because of Quarantining . But I’ve gained a ton of weight since this time last year, like maybe 50-75 pound. None of my pants fit me anymore and i’ve had to buy new clothes.

  9. Lower normal Spo2/ Sleeping spo2? Im not actually sure if this should even be here cuz it could be normal. But my Spo2 is between 93% ~ 99%. When Im at rest/relaxing, My spo2 is usually constantly 95%, sometimes dipping down to 93 or 94 for a few seconds. When eating or doing something that requires thinking/ a bit exertion, it goes up to 96~99. Also, I notice when Im in bed trying to fall asleep or actually sleeping (without the drops due to sleep apnea) my Spo2 is 88-92%

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