3 weeks into treatment using a nasal pillow and I can’t stand the CPAP – I’m sleeping less, feeling less refreshed each morning, work is suffering, I’m crabby and am just miserable. I’m also taking melatonin each night as while I use to love going to bed, I fucking hate it now – it’s a chore. My wife is complaining as it’s starting to affect her sleep as she’s a cuddler and the only times I can manage to cuddle is after I take it off so it’s starting to trickle into our life as well. You know those stupid fights that you have when your tired like you put the glass in the dishwasher wrong and 99% of the time, it wouldn’t matter but for whatever reason, it matters this time? Yea, those fights are happening quite a bit more which is extremely unusual because we rarely fight at all.

I actually took off work on Wednesday and decided not to use the CPAP, I ended up sleeping from 11PM – 3PM the next day so I skipped using the CPAP on Thursday and had the rest of the week off – next day, pretty much the same thing, slept from 11PM until noon. Friday was the first day that I woke up feeling refreshed, well rested, and woke up at my normal time as a result of not using the CPAP 3 days in a row. Used it last night (Friday night) and woke up Saturday again groggy and not well rested.

I have a call placed to my sleep doc as this isn’t sustainable but he’s terrible at responding (seriously, I sent him a message 2 weeks ago and finally got a response at 10PM yesterday) and the first available telehealth visit is at the end of September. I think I’m going to call his office directly to see if I can get in earlier as I don’t think I’m going to last all of August let alone September until we can figure out alternative treatment options.

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