The doctor says I’ve probably have had moderate to severe sleep apnea most of my life ( I’m 34) and I was finally able to get a cpap. What a journey it’s been. Stupid Covid really pushed back my testing and all together it took about 8 months to finally get a machine. Last night was my 3rd night using the air sense autoset 10. My events that night were a .9 and I slept for 6 hours or so. I felt pretty good from my wake up time (8 AM) to about 330 and then I fell asleep on the couch for 3 hours or so. I guess my question is: is it still normal to nap for that long? My doctor didn’t really say how long it would take to get back to “normal”. I’m not sure what normal really is at this point lol. I do notice a change in my general mood and I have less “brain fog”. Anyways I was just hoping someone could maybe let me know if it takes a long time to catch up on sleep or something? Just curious if anyone has had an experience like mine. Thanks!

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