Not gonna lie it’s been a rough start, but thankfully learned a few proactive tips from my 4-week trial months ago + all the amazing advice on these forums so thanks to all who pitched in! Earned my Silver Badge today, nice little encouragement from the myAir team. Next up for me to optimize: 1) Try the FFM F20 mask (been purchasing all equipment from CPAP Machines Canada) with the liner I bought from padacheek. com, as my current P10 nasal pillows are somewhat comfortable but I’m getting some skin irritation around the nostril openings and I’ve noticed some mouth leaks when I wake up frequently (one of my nostrils are almost always slightly clogged with only 1 fully functioning, and they switch around, weird stuff) and I might have to see if there’s any significant change with the FFM, although the goal is to master nose-breathing; 2) Use a hose management system as currently it’s a bit uncomfortable having to reposition it around my pillow since it’s quite long and a bit heavy with the heater hose; 3) as it’s been 4 nights, I might do 1 more then transfer to OSCAR and ask here and other forums for some help regarding optimizing pressure, currently with my AirSense Auto 10 For Her I’m on Auto more with EPR 3, and a 4-20 range which from reading some posts might not be optimal since it adjusts only after the apnea happens.

To anyone else in the same boat in terms of just starting out, stick with it for as long as you can, I’m mentally prepared the results will take a while (weeks if not months) but at least hoping it’s not worse than without the machine which to me it’s quite bad as is (despite an AHI diagnosis of “only” 11).

As always, any input is greatly appreciated (I have some previous posts on my profile’s history with more backstory for those interested to understand my situation a bit better. Thanks! 👍🏽

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