So my doctor on Monday will be talking to me about my results. According to my at sleep study taken at home I have 47 ‘events’ per hour. No idea what that means other than it’s severe and it’s probably why I feel like crap most days. I’m 33 years old, 6′ and 260lbs. and I suspect I’ve had this problem for the past few years but i recently started waking up choking these past 6 months and nodding off while driving.

So I’m excited to get treatment but worried. I havent had great luck with treatment on anything health related lately, and I’m a light sleeper anyways. And I see there’s all these different accessories but who supplies them and where do I purchase them? And whats the maintenance? Doctor likes the APAP machine over the CPAP but I wouldn’t know the difference or why choose one over the other. Any help is appreciated.

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