6 months ago, I had an at home study and was told 15 events per hour. I decided to forgo the CPAP and maybe lose some weight instead (I was 60 pounds overweight/early 40’s male). My main reason being, the only reason I had the study is because I snore. If anything, I’ve always been an insomniac, and never sleep or need to sleep during the day.

But, here a few weeks ago, I just out of the blue started feeling overwhelmingly sleepy during the day. I mean, as soon as I wake up for the day, I immediately feel like I”ve been awake for 24+ hours straight, and I’m fighting it all day long. It’s almost crazy how tired I am during the day, especially considering I’ve never been like this. But, I stepped on the scale and noticed I’m up 12 pounds in the last couple months from not watching what I eat.

Could it really go from nothing to this severe overnight? For those of you who have only moderate sleep apnea, what were your symptoms? I am going to get the CPAP now, but am actually wondering if something else is wrong w/ me.

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