Hi, I first found out I had sleep apnea because a doctor did some tests for something unrelated and recommended I do home test.

I did the home test and found out I had 33 events a night and decided to try a CPAP. I kept taking it off in my sleep so I decided to deal with it by sleeping in my side until my hospital sleep test was done.

Well, I got the hospital test done and they said I had over 400 events a night and a average not 94-97 events an hour..

I’m concerned because I’m 30 years old married and a father of two now and I want to be there for my family. The doctor is suggesting I try a biPAP.

I have to wait a week for one to be ordered in for my trial.. I’m pretty depressed to here this as I’m barely tired in the day and don’t really have any issues..

Honestly, what are my other options? I would be willing to get intense intrusive surgery if it was to cure or dramatically bring my AHI down..

Thank you for reading this!

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