Hey guys! I posted a few days ago about having an awful first night with my CPAP. I’m happy to say last night I was able to wear it for entire night. Not without issues, however. So here are my questions:

– Has anyone experienced pain/discomfort from nasal pillows but gotten used to them? I sized up which helped the pain in my nostrils but it’s still uncomfortable and leaving marks on the inside of my nose. It also wakes me up at times. I have the Airfit P10 mask.

– How can I avoid leaks every time I move? It was leaking so bad my eyes BURN today!!

– Is it normal to feel out of it/almost lightheaded when first starting therapy? I had an AHI of 28 and with the CPAP I’ve been below 3 the past few nights so I’m sure it’s a huge difference for my body. Also, I have been waking up multiple times throughout the night due to leaks, discomfort, etc. so I am sure I’m not fully rested therefore not feeling the full effects.

– and lastly, a more technical question – if my AHI is in the proper range, am I to assume my blood oxygen levels are good as well? The back of my tongue is what obstructs my airway and I guess my fear is that although the CPAP is saying that I have less events per hour I’m still not getting enough oxygen. Is that possible, and is there a way to check those levels throughout the night? I looked at oximeters for my finger but it seems they only record instantly rather than keep track throughout the night. I haven’t had my overnight lab due to COVID, I imagine they check that in the lab.

I probably sound like a crazy person but I have so many questions! Thanks in advance 🙂

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