Researchers at University of New South Wales (UNSW) are conducting a study about whether a theoretical new treatment system for obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) would be acceptable to people with OSA.

This theoretical treatment has two parts – a one-off injection to the tongue that sensitises the tongue muscles to a specific type of light. The patient would then wear a mouthguard device at night that shines light on the tongue activating the muscles and keeping the airway open.

Participation in this survey is entirely voluntary.

If you are interested, the research project is looking for people who have been diagnosed with OSA who are willing to give their opinions about such a theoretical new treatment. This treatment does not yet exist.

It will take approximately 8 minutes to complete the online survey. If you would like find out more about the survey and/or take part, you can do so by selecting the following link:

This blog was posted by the MyApnea Team on behalf of Dr. Liz Brown, Sleep/Respiratory Physician Prince of Wales Hospital Sydney. We encourage anyone interested to participate!

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