Due to a recent trending post I read, I have now scared myself enough to get tested.

I am 22f and have dealt with most of the symptoms all my life. I figured I’d ignore it/maybe I didn’t have it because I have always been very athletic and thus, physically fit. I already have ongoing treatment of depression and anxiety with SSRIs. Otherwise, I have extreme daytime fatigue and can nap pretty much on command despite my efforts of a healthy sleep schedule, good diet, and productive scheduling. When I get up, I sometimes have this weird tingling headache that only subsides once I fully force myself awake. Additionally l snore sporadically, though not heavily (I think). I have been talked to/woken by various people who were concerned because either I was “breathing weirdly” or not breathing at all. Finally, in the past I have gotten so fed up that I attempted to track my sleeping. Unfortunately, I lost that data but I do remember seeing 4-6 high activity spikes per night.

Although if I do have it, I figure it is more mild. However, I want to be safe and I have enjoyed reading all the discussions on here! I mostly wrote this post to hold myself accountable to get this checked out. It’s so easy to try and ignore. Thanks for reading and hope everyone on here are having more restful nights!

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