i’ve given a trial on a cpap machine, and even though its subjective to know that i had a good night’s sleep – i can only feel the mask on my face. One thing i was always used to in life was “aches and pains”, i had gotten used to waking up stiff and sore

Im in reasonably good shape, i eat well (light dinners, eating regularly, no eating after a certain time at night) and i exercise a lot – 4 times a week, intense interval training, running at different speeds. i had a sneaking suspicion my exercise was not proving to be as beneficial as it should be/ as in it wasnt being metabolised properly from poor quality of sleep? the giveaway was i was pretty much sleep walking my way through life (literally) and i was always dead on my feet by mid afternoon.

Anyway, there i was thinking walking around with aches and pains were part and parcel for the journey (4 decades)

I guess its not

… now what am i going to do? 🙁

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