Got diagnosed in last fall and got my machine from Adapt Health at the local location (Healthline Medical) and it’s been terrible from the start. I was auto-drafted large amounts each month, but my insurance had not received claims yet. It took almost four months for all claims to be received and processed and in the end, I have an overpayment refund due to me and my device is paid off. Relief to be done with this supplier! Nope.

This month I get another bill in the mail now saying I owe more money, even though I have’t received any refund overpayment yet. Once I call Adapt to know why, they said that overpayments take up to 8 weeks to be processed and a check mailed but the amount refunded was incorrect and that I pay the difference. I HATE THIS COMPANY.

It’s like they don’t have any communication between units and their billing department is chaotic hot mess. The only reason I went with this company is because my doc refers patients to them and they seemed to be relatively well reviewed. But they only do fitting and replacements, any billing is done by Adapt Health.

Why didn’t I just save myself the trouble and buy it myself and not use insurance? Well my deductible was met with this device and I calculated that it would cost me less to use insurance then pay out of pocket.

Why did I do auto-pay? I had no fucking clue that I signed up for that and it was only after I showed zero balance and refund that someone removed and I am so glad I pushed bc I would hate to be involved with another round of phone tag.

Lesson learned. My advice to anyone looking to get their device, you have to stay on top of all your billing and be an advocate for yourself with your insurance and med supplier because they are banking on your ignorance. I have worked in medical billing, so I have a bit more confidence in speaking to these companies. If it will be more expensive to use insurance, then don’t. You always have the option to pay out of pocket.

Also, read the fine print when you pick your device and never sign up for auto-pay.

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