Hey guys, I’m 23/F with severe OSA (it’s mostly from hereditary anatomy as both of my parents have it and an ENT looked with a scope and saw all the fun stuff narrowing my airway — so general lifestyle changes wouldn’t be a fix in that regard).

I’m getting my tonsils out and a palate surgery done to help my OSA (I’ve read the horror stories about the pain, lack of efficacy for some, etc. so pleeeeease don’t bog me down with more of those. I’m working with a really reputable surgeon and center, so even though nothing is ~ of course ~ ever guaranteed, I know they’ll do the best they can for me). I wanted to come on here to crowdsource some info on other therapies I can use in conjunction with this surgery to hopefully even further help my apnea.

My apnea is significantly less on my side (13 AHI) than on my back (55 AHI) so I’m hoping a combination of the surgery with positional sleep training will do the trick. Any tips on positional sleep aids? The Phillips NightBalance looks intriguing, but is it useful?

Also, I have a pretty significant overbite (had braces once upon a time that sort of fixed it but a decade of not wearing a retainer did not help me) — I want to avoid any skeletal surgery in the future (I don’t necessarily need it, but it may be the next step if the palate surgery + other therapies don’t help enough). Does anyone know anything about orthodontics that help correct your bite and, in doing so, help sleep apnea? Like if I were to try some sort of Invisalign for whatever period of time to slowly correct my bite? Not just something to wear at night as a temp fix.

Thanks for any and all help! Again, would appreciate if we can keep the comments not inherently terrifying as I’m already a pretty anxious gal major yikes

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