Sorry if this is asked all the time and I’m sure there isn’t a “one size fits all response”. I need CPAP and I’m having trouble with compliance because masks drive me nuts. I temporarily have a Resmed Airsense 10, heated tube, humidifier, variable pressure, all the bells and whistles. I started with an AirFit P30i mask. It has little parts that stick up your nose. Woke up in night feeling like I’d not quite been punched in the nose. Have switched out the piece that goes under your nose for one that is flat. I feel claustrophobic with something strapped on my head, the mask going down the sides of my face drives me nuts, and I don’t like the pillows pushing in my nose. I wake up in the night and feel like I’m in a horror movie and take the mask off – it’s just damned uncomfortable. Would I be better off with a full nose covering mask? Full face? I’d stayed away from those because I just don’t like stuff strapped on my face. Any ideas on what to do here?

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