Mostly it was a pride thing, like I don’t need no damn cpap machine you guys are tripping it’s normal for people to snore. Then I heard a recording of me and I was like holly hell thats what I sound like. Brushed it off and brushed it off. It’s got to the point of no matter how long I sleep I wake up tired no energy. My friend got one and said it changed his life. I go on the 2nd of March to learn how to use the machine with a technician. How has a cpap changed your day to day life? I’m not to worried about being uncomfortable sleeping with it. I’m not really a picky type of person more like a roll with the punches kinda guy. This waking up with brain fog and taking me hours to get out of bed and start my day has gotta stop. Not having the energy to go to the gym and wanting to go straight home to bed has got to stop. I want to go to the gym I really do but this lack of energy is beating my ass and winning every day. Would love to hear your guy’s input of this. Also I have a huge beard 7/8 inches long, I did just the nasal mask for the sleep study. People with beards how do you do full face mask?

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