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AHI 45.9 with APAP – iDunmed

Hello, so I posted a while ago as I had a sleep study done and ended up with an AHI of 73.7.

I’ve been given a “Resmed AirSense 10 Autoset” machine and slept with it for the first night last night. It was tricky drifting off but I woke up this morning feeling quite refreshed. I was shocked to see my AHI of 45.9 as was expecting about 5.

I had a beard so have shaved that off today to see if it’s a seal issue. I also can’t seem to find what pressure figures were. I also know it has to adjust to the apnea’s so I don’t know if there were many during the night or if it was just loads as I fell asleep.

I’m under the NHS so they’ve given me this for a week as an APAP to work out the pressures and then I swap it for a CPAP thereafter.

Does anyone know why the AHI is so high?

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