I was recently dx with sleep apnea (I’m 26 years old, female, 20 BMI).

My AHI was 16.5.

I’ve been on cpap for a little over 2 weeks, getting AHI between 1-3.5 every night. I started mouth taping to avoid breathing through my mouth due to congestion, and it hasn’t changed my numbers but my fiance says he doesn’t have to wake me up anymore to close my mouth which is good. I also ordered a full face mask to avoid the mouth taping, so we’ll see how that goes.

However, I do not notice any improvement at all with my fatigue or any other symptoms. I still require stimulants to get through the day, and even those aren’t enough.

They said it may take time for improvement, but I have been trying to get help with my fatigue for 10+ years and am feeling incredibly hopeless. I spent yesterday crying so much at work that I decided to call off work today.

I am desperate for answers, and tired of the waiting game between providers. Can anyone tell me that they experienced this and it got better? Should I get tested for narcolepsy?

All my bloodwork is fine, my thyroid labs, vitamin levels, etc are all fine.

Any advice, suggestions, comments, anything at all would be appreciated greatly.

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