Fellow sleep apnea friends. question for you.

I’ve noticed my AHI has been fluctuating a lot lately. My test showed mild OSA but I’ve been floating around the moderate to severe range lately. With my mask it was sitting around 5 to 6 for a while but all of a sudden over the last couple weeks it’s bounced back and forth between 12 and 30 AHI. Last night I had 62 Clear Airway Apneas, 60 Obstructive ones, and 25 hypopneas. I know from past postings some of you are far more severe than I am, but for me personally it’s really cranked up the brain fog, big ass day long headaches and anxiety which isn’t really helpful when you switch railcars all day. Really gotta be on your toes doing that line of work. Was wondering if anyone else has had the same issue and what a resolution may be? All the VA told me to keep wearing my mask (well no shit)

I’ve went back and forth between a full face mask and a nasal pillow thing with a strap to keep my mouth closed at night. Phillips Dreamstation

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