Getting diagnosed is a pain in the ass. I have been extremely frustrated with our local hospital’s sleep medicine center, which takes 4-6 weeks to finalize a sleep study and issue a CPAP prescription. I did a study in January, but have gotten only radio silence since I dropped off my HSAT kit three weeks ago.

Last week, out of desperation, I decided to pay the money & go with Lofta because I’m just so tired. Here’s my timeline:

-I ordered my WatchPAT study on Wednesday, paid for overnight shipping.
-WatchPAT arrives Thursday, I do sleep study.
-Data uploaded Friday AM.
-Results at 10AM the following Tuesday: AHI of 20, prescription for APAP.
-Ordered ResMed AutoSense for Her, overnight delivery, with RightStart support for 60 days.

The whole package cost about $1200. Expensive, yes, but fast, responsive, and easy with great support so far.

Meanwhile… I’ve messaged my sleep medicine CNP four times in the past two weeks with concerns about my nighttime SpO2 (looks bad) and requesting prescription for an iron supplement (my bloodwork shows iron deficiency anemia). Also called for an ETA on the sleep study they ran for me in January. CRICKETS. 🙄

My experience with Lofta has, so far, been excellent. Overnighting everything was a bit more $. However, I’m so depressed and tired – and so excited to get my machine – that I’m willing to pay the premium.

Hope this helps!

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