Bought an AirCurve 10 to replace the AirSense 10 I had to return after losing my health insurance. It wasn’t working super well for me anyway, and I got a decent deal on the AC (because it reeked of cigarette smoke; had to clean it). After a long period of non-usage due to another contraindicated issue, I’m finally back. Last two nights have sucked, and today I felt so bad I needed a nap. I was like, Self, let’s fix this. Dammit.

So I looked at the way I breathe and my past issues with the AS and fiddled with the settings. Most importantly (I think) I maxed out the TiMax, dropped the Trigger to low, and raised the Cycle to very high. The result: an amazing nap. I was woken up (I think) by the machine trying to force IPAP. Which brings me to my problem: I will try to get hard data with MyAir to confirm, but I tend to breathe slowly, with a decent gap between exhalation and inhalation. Is there any way to increase TiMax beyond 4 seconds? And should I re-raise the Trigger, so that it doesn’t accidentally start IPAP when I’m between exhalation and inhalation? Or am I waaaaay off?

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