Hi everyone. I am fairly new to the CPAP game. I am one of those who has tried to use it several times and gave up, but due to desperation and health, I’m back on it and finally giving it my all.

I was originally given the Airfit F20 for her to go with my Airsense 10. However I find that I don’t love the mask going over my face and it tends to hurt my nose. So I was looking heavily into the F30i.

It seems perfect, minus one thing. I am primarily a side sleeper. Yes I may end up on my back but in order to fall asleep, I have to be on a side. I’ve read that since the hose goes on the side of your face, it cuts off air, so it’s no good for side sleepers. I’ve also read that this isn’t the case. Does anyone know for sure?

Also: I recently purchased a CPAP side sleeping pillow and it’s on its way to me. Should that help? Any info you guys could give me would be great. I’m fairly young and inexperienced in this area and would love some feedback.

Ps- I have very bad allergies and require a FFM 🙂

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