I’ve got an Airfit P10, and while the nasal pillows fit just fine and don’t leak, it’s the strap that is causing discomfort. No matter how I adjust it, it puts pressure on my head that slowly gets sore over time, and after only 10 minutes it hurts so bad that it feels like I have a headache.

The strap is not adjustable, it’s just thin and stretchy around the back. The instructions say that you can separate the two straps and put one of them further up to loosen/tighten the fit, but that didn’t seem to do anything. It would still make my head throb after a few minutes.

It seems to put the most pressure on my head just above my ears, so I tried putting using two socks beneath the straps to cushion…didn’t work. Tried using thinner socks, also didn’t work. Tried using tissues, also didn’t work. No matter what I do, the strap puts a painful amount of pressure on my head.

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