Hi. 19m. Not overweight, healthy and exercise regularly. I had a test done a while back and it came back at around 11AHI, and I refused to believe it, but worked to fix it anyway- aand now after treating my inflamed nose due to some ‘suspected’ allergies- I redid it, and my numbers were much higher. Needless to say i’m very seriously upset about this, (both home based). This time it was mid 20’s (20 side, 23 supine, 26rem) and I don’t know why all my apneas were hypopneas?! Does this mean anything regarding treatment/causes?

I believe this means my airway isnt fully blocked- could this mean surgery is possible? I have an ENT appt soon, and have been waiting for a while to get my septum and turbinates operated on for sleep issues too. (Since first 11AHI reading)

I don’t want a CPAP either. I’m 19, and that is too much commitment, and it’s really affecting my life as is. Why do I have this issue? Any chance allergies could be causing such “high” ahi? Thanks all

Also- I need some advice too if anyone can offer regarding the effects of sleep apnea too on young people. I’ve likely had this my whole life and i’m distressed it has damaged my body forever as a result of it occuring during puberty etc. Cheers again

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