I was in halfway house about a year ago and that’s when I found out that I snored. People would get so mad because I was keeping them awake at night . I didn’t believe that I was snoring so loudly and bad. Also I was having serious pains mostly in my back. I was released and went to live with my wife. After the first night we knew we had big problems! We were staying with her folks in a spare bedroom on a twin bed 😆. I’m 6’2″ , 220 lbs and she’s love 5’4″ 160lbs… We crammed in the bed like a couple of sardines and at the same time I was snoring like crazy and not getting any sleep waking up feeling like hell. It was recommended that I go and see a sleep apnea doctor and he prescribed me a sleep apnea machine after they did all their tests. I was so excited at first to get that machine. It was a bummer because I could never keep it on my face all night long.. and so I gave up! Omg did the pain come with giving up…. So many crazy symptoms come with the illness… Mental, back, depression, anger feeling drained constantly. It was like a dark cloud was constantly over my head… Well for some odd reason I said to my self last night that I was going to try again. And it worked. I was able to keep it on the whole night. I got 7 hours of sleep with only one wake up to go pee… Normally I’m up line 3-4 times. I woke up with only minor pain in my back my hip in all over my body normally I would have woke up just in severe pain… I feel great it’s crazy! All those symptoms came from but sleeping and breathing???? Crazy! I feel great today! Hopefully tonight I can keep it on again!

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