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Hi all. I have had sleep issues for years, on another sub some people suggested looking into sleep apnea (and narcolepsy), so I wanted to put my experiences to see how they compare to those who have been diagnosed – especially anyone who has mild SA as I don’t have all or severe symptoms. I am speaking with my GP next week, but its not always easy to get referral here in UK. FYI recent blood tests are all normal and my weight is fine.

I am 38F. Have excessively slept and napped since I was 15 or so. I can force myself up when I have to, but I am tired and this tiredness doesn’t tend to go. Have history of oversleeping when I can, regularly 12+ hours, and record probably 15+ hours. Have also spent some weekends constantly going back to bed after being up for about an hour.

Usually fall asleep in 10-15 mins (unless mind is racing), and wake up a few times in the night but it doesn’t necessarily keep me awake. I have night sweats reasonably often. On occasion I have what I think are hallucinations and paralysis, but never in the night, only when napping or if I sleep-in for hours. I also regularly have vivid dreams.

During the day I am usually tired. I am not drowsy everyday/all the time but definitely sometimes and it can be overwhelming. I have a desire to nap often, but don’t always. Naps are always long, often more than 2h and not refreshing. I constantly have low focus and concentration, find it hard to get through the work day.

What I don’t have – I dont really snore, but very occasionally I have woken myself up with a snore but no bed/room partners have reported it as a regular issue (am single currently so no one to ask!). Dont think I wake up gasping for breathe. I don’t have sleep attacks in the day – in that I am often drowsy but I can stay awake if I have to.

I am sure my dad had a disorder probably SA, he snored loudly and did that gasping thing, and fell asleep regularly during the day.

I have depression, I beleive since I was a teenager (was bullied), but it is mild/moderate and at times I don’t really have any mood issues.

I always put my sleep issues down to poor habits and the depression – and maybe that is what it is. But over the last few years I have really worked on my sleep habits (good sleep hygiene, 8hrs and regular schedule), exercise and diet, as well as getting therapy. Although I would say I don’t feel as bad in some areas, its definitely significant enough to still mean I slip back into sleeping 12+ hours, nap regularly and still feel tired/drowsy with low motivation and focus. I feel I have tried long enough to get into good habits / have therapy that I shouldn’t still have it to the point it impacts my day to day life. I don’t really know what else to do.

I basically feel my life never gets going as a result, I don’t move forwards in any area of my life and I am stuck. I am nearly 40 and really want to have the energy and focus to work on my goals and lead a fulfilling life.

Thank you for reading.

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