So I’m a woman in my mid 20s and I’ve been told in the past by previous doctors that I could have sleep apnea since I am constantly exhausted and I’m obese but I can’t seem to get myself to actually GO see someone about it. I have family members that have sleep apnea as well, have a CPAP machine but the results of them having one and using it…..nothing has changed. They haven’t lost weight, their mood hasn’t improved, nothing. I don’t want to go to a doctor, do the testing, pay to get the machine and supplies only for nothing in my life to change at all except the amount of money in my pocket.

Long story short is going to a sleep doctor and getting a CPAP machine actually worth the money at all? I’m not in a position where I’m able to spend money only for nothing to help or make any significant changes. I know I am obese due to a few mental health disorders I am managing with another doctor and medication. My Obesity is probably the main problem why I could have sleep apnea because I didn’t always snore. I started snoring in the past several years after the fact that I had gained a lot of weight from stressful events, school, and, like I mentioned, the mental health disorders I am managing.

I’m not trying to be negative at all. I would love to go to the doctor, get a sleep apnea machine and have my sleep improved drastically. I am just not in a financial situation where I do all the steps but nothing changes. But if it is worth it and it helps in the long run, I am willing to do it.

Honestly I’d love to have some of y’all opinions and hear from your experiences ❤️

Thank you for taking the time to read!

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