…. or anyone else for that matter?

I don’t know what’s going on but I started eating plant based and lower carb and was feeling great as I lost weight.. my apnea improves (no CPAP) and then the two weeks before my period worsens .. I feel like I only enter stage 1-2 of sleeping at best and seem to overheat very easily.

Continued to lose weight and noticed now I sleep better .. maybe 60% better (I’m still overweight tho and not even halfway to my goal) but maybe 4-5 days before period my apnea worsens and my ability to regulate my body temp when hubby is in same bed doesn’t seem to work. I don’t get this at all.

I’ve been cleared of all other health issues btw.

I know my apnea is due to weight gain.. I got all the way up to 260s at just 5’4.. I’m down 20 so far and noticed my sleep seems a solid 60% better ..

What I don’t understand is when hubby sleeps Near me I get sweaty but otherwise I’m ok. No more night sweats for the most part.

I miss my husband and he misses spooning etc and this is such a sad arrangement but most of the time he sleeps with me the quality of my sleep is even worse .. idk why

I was not like this before.. always able to sleep near him.. no overheating.. woke up rested

Anyone dealt with this?

We just keep telling ourselves it’s temporary.. and we just need our sleep to get better so we’ll sleep separate if that’s needed for now

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