I have had mild sleep apnea for 5+ years. Have tried to use CPAP but that thing annoys the hell out of me so much that I can not sleep comfortably at night, so my doctor suggested using oral appliance. if you don’t know about it you can look it up here. https://somnomed.com/en/patients/somnodent-product-information-for-patients/

Basically a mouthpiece that help opening the airway in your throat when sleep. I spent around 12000 baht (around 400 us dollars in Thailand) to have a dentist make one of it for me, which is so much cheaper compared to how much CPAP costs. Now I wear it every night and it was the best decision I ever did. My snoring and mouth-breathing are almost completely gone and feel so refresh in the morning like never before. Has anybody had experience using this method like me? I think it is a very effective and accessible method to prevent sleep apnea.

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