8 years ago I got diagnosed with mild or moderate (can’t remember but not severe) OSA. I tried the mask and just couldn’t make it work. I was also in college and worried about drinking and women and stuff lol.

I want to take it more seriously now knowing all the risks associated with having OSA. I’m trying to save money since I have no insurance so I called my doctor and he recommended Blackstone for $250 but I looked into them and their founder is a Scientologist influencer Instagram whore looking guy lol. Lofta seemed like one of the two alternatives this subreddit recommended.

Since I knew I had sleep apnea I question whether I need to get a test again but it’s probably medically sound that something might have changed in 8 years and wanting to get the best results for titrating the cpap and stuff.

Does this sound logical? TIA. Excited to join the club.

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