So I was on a CPap years ago(12ish years) and gave it up because I would panic and feel like I couldn’t breathe. This last December I had gotten very sick and after I was released from the hospital I had to see some lung specialist who put me on oxygen and a BiPAP machine(I’m 30, this scares me and I’m taking it serious this time). So since then I’ve been trying to live healthier and use this machine as I was told. The biggest problem I’m having is the warm air. I’m a big guy I like to be cold and comfortable. We already keep our house fairly cold 68° with central air. The air coming out of this machine is unbearable some nights tho. I feel I spend most of the night tossing and turning just fighting with my self to keep it on because I’m uncomfortable.

Is there anything besides lowering the room temperature I can do to help with this? I use the mask that covers my mouth and nose because I have a habit of breathing out of my mouth(plus it was hell finding any mask to fit me). So I pretty much used what they had that would fit and had to extend the bands myself(my head is literally a giant bowling ball).

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