I was diagnosed with sleep apnea back in 2004 or so, severe obstructive with 58 events per hour. I gave up on the machine because it was making it impossible to sleep since my pressure was so high at 17.

Years have passed and I now have blood pressure issues as well as other issues with tiredness, sleepiness, foggy memory and just can’t concentrate which is not good in my profession.

I was advised by my cardiologist to treat the sleep apnea immediately as he feels it’s the cause of all my issues. I saw a Dr who informed me I’d need a new sleep study to get a machine. I found out that it takes a month to get the approval from my insurance company and they’re still waiting for it.

I have my old sleep study results and was wondering if there is a place I can just buy a machine out of pocket? I can’t wait several weeks just to make the appointment, then weeks to do the titration study.. While I’m waiting I’d like to get back on a machine since I no longer have mine. Is there a place I could buy one just showing my previous studies?

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