39 male, 6’1, 195 lbs.

I’ve been told by a dentist last year that based on my the indentations of my teeth marks on my cheeks, that I probably have apnea. I’m guessing maybe just UARS?

I do have bruxism, and grind my teeth a lot. I have a dental mouthguard (to protect my teeth), but don’t use it as often as I should. I’ll wake up constantly with my mouth clenched and my tongue against my palate instead of my lower mouth. Lately, with the current situation, I’ve been experiencing heightened anxiety, so I’ll usually wake up after 4 hours of sleep with slight to moderate palpitations. I’ll use the calm app to meditate and fall back asleep for another few hours.

This is in contrast to a few months ago, where I could sleep through the night, no problem. So not sure if I have anything, but the chronic bruxism is concerning.

Given the current situation, and my inability to see a doc, any suggestions for self-diagnosis/self-treatment?

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