I legitimately had to quit my job because of my excessive sleepiness last year. I’m only 27. I’ve been taking 2-4 hour naps every day on top of a normal 8-9 at night since I was probably around 10 years old, which leads me to believe that I’ve had some sleep problems for more than half my life.

This year I got a new doctor who finally saw the severity of the problem and got me in for a sleep study. The sleep study showed that I likely have mild obstructive sleep apnea. Considering that my quality of sleep was actually shit in the lab and I had to fight to even meet the 4 hour insurance requirement, they also said it was potentially more severe in a normal context.

Unfortunately all this went down right before Covid, which means I’ve had a really hard time working with respiratory therapists. For a while their office was totally shut, and the therapists were rightfully unable to come inside my house when dropping off masks for me to try. I am finally happy to be going to the office later this week to get a real consultation, but I’m scared because none of the masks I’ve tried so far have felt right. The one I currently have makes me feel claustrophobic and I’ll wake up about an hour in clawing at my face feeling like I’m suffocating. I do think I’ve found a good pressure and humidity for me.

I guess there’s no point to this other than to say I’m kind of frustrated right now, and I am truly so happy for those of you who saw instant results on your CPAP. I hope eventually I can see it too.

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