Back around 2009 or so I ran across such a syndrome and remember matching up against the symptoms pretty well (I don’t remember all the characteristics). There was very little information about it online and the sleep doctor I was seeing at the time pretty much just shrugged his shoulders. I remember Mayo Clinic was doing a research study on it at the time I attempted to get into (and they seemed to agree I matched the profile) but they were already underway and not taking new applicants.

Years pass and I gave up on it because I couldn’t find anybody knowledgeable about it to see if that’s what I actually have, and now for the life of me I can’t remember what it was called.

The lowest they’ve ever gotten me with traditional treatment is 25 events per hour, which is still pretty soul crushing. Regardless I need to get back to a sleep doctor, but I’m hoping to remember what the hell that was I was looking at before and see if there’s anything new out there as far as treatment and maybe seek out somebody knowledgeable in it.

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