I’ve had major fatigue issues for years. I made key changes: side sleeping, no sleeping on my back. Trying to eat more fresh veggies and fruits, cutting back on junk food. Still feel exhausted a lot of the time. Tried CPAP for several weeks after a home sleep study found moderate obstructive apnea (several hypopneas) Even after many weeks and a low AHI below 3, I still feel so exhausted.

I honestly feel cursed. My friends and relatives have gotten job promotions, advanced their careers. They hike, swim, etc. Meanwhile for years and years I barely hang by a thread. I do occasionally have good days but then the next day I usually feel exhausted again. I hate this. I’ve tried so many things but nothing ever changes. I know about MMA but I am really put off from having my jaw sawed open and then several weeks of a painful and hellish recovery and the risk of losing sensation in my lower lip and face. There has to be something that works without resorting to that.

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